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Jemma passed her ADI Part 3 first time with us

There are many times in our lives when we think about a career change, but very few actually follow through with the idea of doing something new and different in favour of routine.

With so much pressure our daily lives most people find the act of balancing a career and family life while trying to find time for hobbies, a difficult thing to do. Our schedules are becoming ever busier and it seems for less reward.

If you are growing tired of your nine to five job, or if you are working hours that just don’t suit your family or social life, then perhaps becoming a driving instructor would be the ideal career path for you to choose.

It is not unusual today to hear of good, honest and hardworking individuals being made redundant due to budget cuts and businesses downsizing. If you have been made redundant recently and are looking to make a fresh start, take a firm hold of your future and be your own boss with the help of us here at Driver Training Ltd.

Whatever your circumstance, opting to become a driving instructor has a multitude of plus points. Not only do you become your own boss, but you also gain flexible working hours that can be worked around all of your other commitments as well as excellent earning potential.


Want to become a driving instructor? Driver Training Ltd are a nationwide DSA registered and ORDIT approved driving instructor training company. This means that we have proven to the Driving Standards Agency that the way we conduct our driving instructor training is exactly the way that the DSA want you to be taught to become a first rate driving instructor.

In your training to become a driving instructor or an ADI (Approved driving instructor), we offer you the option to fit in all of your training around your current commitments and work schedule which means you don’t miss out on any of your other obligations.

Driving Instructor Training Shropshire at its Best.

We are confident that from our years of proven driving instructor training experience, we are giving you the best possible chance of being able to  become a driving    instructor.We know that our training methods are always the most upto date, and the DVSA continually check that our standards stay at  the highest possible levels.

Once you have found success in your quest to become a driving instructor, we can offer you the chance to join our network of driving schools, which will  enable you to  carry on and develop your new found skills. Alternatively we can give you all the necessary assistance and guidance to help you set up  and run your own driving school  should you so wish.

Training to become a driving instructor is a great career choice to make. It gives you a government recognised qualification and also means, that  wherever you live in the UK, you can you have a job waiting.

There has never been a better time to make a change; choose a career as a driving instructor today and experience the ultimate in job satisfaction and work / life balance.

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