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Adi Part3  Recovery Training

*****LATEST PART 3 SUCCESS – David Gray passed his adi part3 at Cannock with a 5-6!!!

Adi Part3 Success

  • Have you failed the ADI part3 test?
  • If you got a grade 3, do you think that was an ‘almost pass’?
  • Do you feel unsure about what to do in the part 3 test?
  • Do you know more about your trainers’ personal life than you do about the exam?
  • Tired of hearing how good your trainer is but not getting the training you want?
  • Sick of doing your training on a 2:1 or a 3:1 basis?
  • Does your trainer practise the same thing time and time again?
  • Fed up of travelling for miles and mile to meet your trainer after paying out thousands?

Pass your part3

adi part 3 training

Mo passed his ADI Part 3 at just 22!

Here at Driver Training Ltd, we often hear from prospective driving instructors how they feel they have been failed by their driving schools. Not everyone is going to pass their ADI part3 course first time, but with the correct facilities, in the right environment and with professional instructors, there is no reason why you couldn’t pass your ADI part3 exam on the first attempt.

ADI Part 3 Training

Steve – I passed my part 3 with Chris at Driver Training Ltd

We are forever hearing how our trainee driving instructors felt let down and somewhat failed by their previous driving school, and being told that many have been taught on a two to one, and even a three to one basis, it’s hardly surprising.

One pupil who was taking her ADI part 3 test with a well-advertised national company commented that she knew more about her associates personal lives and neighbours than she did about her impending ADI part 3 exam.

This driving instructor in training then went on to tell us how her ADI part 3 course was covered in six hour sessions over six days which does not meet with the compulsory 40 hours set in the DSA regulations. Then revealing that this was then done with three people in the car was a shock and in effect, she had paid for their platinum training course and had received just twelve hours of training for the ADI part 3 exam; it’s hardly surprising that she failed.

ADI Part 3 training in telford and shrewsbury

   Adi part 3 success – Shila. “Thank you chris and Driver Training so much!!! I love you all! I passed my part 3 this morning!!!”

That was the excited text message we received when Shila passed her adi part 3 on 28th March 2011 at South Yardley. Despite coming to us having failed her first attempt and feeling down. She showed if you use the right trainer it is easy to pass your Adi part 3.

What is the part3 test about?

The ADI part 3 test is less about your ability to drive and much more about your key abilities as a teacher.

At this point it doesn’t matter just how good your driving skills are, it is your interpersonal skills and your abilities as a teacher that are put under scrutiny.

Here at Driver Training Ltd, we offer prospective driving instructors our part 3 rescue training to those who are feeling a little unconfident in their teaching abilities and indeed, we retrain those who have already failed the test itself.

Local ADI part 3 trainer

Raani – I was training with a national college, I had paid £4000 for the course and yet I failed my first attempt with a 2-3. I was determined not to fail again, so did my training with chris, he taught me so many things that I’d never been told at the college and showed me how to identify faults and correct them. I passed my second attempt at my adi part 3 on 24/2 with a 5-4!!! I would rate chris as one of the best trainers in the country!!!!


Recognising that you need extra help with your part 3 is the first step, so if you can answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions you should be searching for a driving school to get you to where you need to be;

Part3 Rescue Training. 

Our ADI part3 Rescue Training Course isn’t just for those who have failed the exam in a previous attempt. If you did pass your ADI part 3 exam but you only got a grade 3, you are very wrong in thinking that this is an ‘almost pass’. Obtaining a grade 3 isn’t something to shout home about, in effect, the grade 3 simply means;

You gave an inadequate performance

You didn’t set out the objectives of the lesson sufficiently

You didn’t identify, analyse and remedy the faults

You failed to structure a learning environment

You failed to identify the pupils’ strengths and weaknesses

Bearing in mind that to qualify you only need to be adequate; not brilliant, fantastic, not flawless, just adequate, the grade 3 marking means you even failed to meet that.

Offering specified and specialised intensive one to one training days you can be confident of gaining all the knowledge you need to get you through the ADI part 3 test with ease. At our driver training centre in Telford, Shropshire, we have all the facilities to cover the full range of PST’s or we can tailor the tuition structure to fit in with the areas you feel you need more help with.

At Driver Training Ltd we put right all the wrongs, help to fill in the gaps and ensure you have thorough knowledge on the subjects that will help you flourish in your ADI part 3 examination.

Pass your adi part 3

Jemma – I love Chris to bits!!! I originally passed my driving test with Chris first time, a few years later i returned and passed my ADI Part 2 and ADI part 3 with chris FIRST TIME!!

Telford Training Centre

£40 a hour, minimum 2 hours.

Half day rescue training…………………….£140
Full days training (9-5)………………………£260

2 Days rescue training……………………..£485

All ADI part 3 training is done on a 1to1 basis.

All part3 training is done in car

Mock Tests are performed to help you cope with the timings

Remember all is not lost, that is why we are here to help. We can make you understand where you went wrong and can give you the confidence and belief that you will need on your test.
We put in all the faults you will encounter on your test, we show you how to analyse the faults so the pupil understands why they should not do them. We help you to correctly identify the faults

Why not book a 2 hour session today and let us help you on your way to your adi part 3 recovery!

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