Top 5 reasons to fail your driving test

Nobody wants to fail their driving test, but unfortunately it happens. But what are the most common reasons why learners fail their driving test and how can you avoid them? We investigated and have shared our tips to help you avoid making these mistakes.

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1) Observations at Junctions

The number one reason why people fail their driving test is demonstrating a lack of observation skills at a junction. This can lead to several problems and ultimately lead to an accident.

2) Moving off safely

Guess what? Another reason why learner drivers find themselves with a major fault during their driving lessons is because they fail to perform the right checks before moving away.

3) Using mirrors

As we have previously said, mirrors are a huge part of being safe on the road and knowing what’s going on around you. It’s no surprise that not checking them enough will result in failure of your driving test.

4) Reverse parking

In your driving test, you may be asked to do at least one reversing manoeuvre. Parking manoeuvres make even full licensed drivers nervous, so it’s not a shock that most learners who have failed their driving test have got a major in this part.

5) Steering

You would think that steering control would be the first thing that you would have mastered when it comes to learning to drive, however this is still one of the main faults of failing a driving test. Whether it’s because of nerves or lack of concentration, not following the contour of the kerb may result in a major fault.