Latest Safe Training Guidelines

Safe Training Practices – How driving lessons are changing to cope with COVID

July 1st 2020

With the current restrictions and lack of social distancing in the car, we just wanted to assure you that a lot is still being done, so that if you are currently a key worker or when the restrictions are eased, a pupil, there will still be many safety points followed to ensure the safest working learning environment.

The following guidance is given by the DIA – Driving Instructors Association

Safe training practices

Pupils can call us ahead of each lesson (even if you have seen them within the last couple of days) to cancel there lesson if they feel they have symptoms of covid or know of someone that they have been in contact with, who is displaying symptoms.

Please Confirm that

The pupil  DOES NOT have any symptoms of colds, flu or Covid

Anyone they know, or have been in contact with, is showing symptoms.

They, or anyone they have been in contact with, has traveled from a high-risk, infectious region.

Your driving instructor will explain that you need to take a few extra precautionary measures during the lesson to keep them, and everyone safe.

we ask pupils before the start of the lesson:

To wash their hands or use sanitizer gel just prior to getting into the car.

To cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing – so a sleeve or tissue, not their hands.

For obvious reasons because of not being able to keep a social distance:

We will keep a window open for ventilation.

In order to help protect yourself and your driving instructor – The driving instructor will

Before the client enters the vehicle, ensure that they have wiped over the following contact points:

  • Door handles (inside and out),
  • window controls
  • Seat adjusters,
  • steering wheel
  • Steering wheel height adjuster,
  • parking brake,
  • gear lever,
  • indicator and wiper stalks
  • Light controls

with alcohol-based gel at the beginning and end of each training session.

The pupil is free to wear either a mask, or gloves, depending on their need as long as it does not affect their vision or ability to hold the wheel.

No pupil record books will be given out – however if you would like a recap of your lesson points to work on or be explained – please send your instructor your email address and they will send one through electronically.